Alex Sheyner

Technical Architect
Alex Sheyner


Alex is a career technologist with a passion for building software products that truly engage and help people. He’s also a collaborative leader with executive communication, relationship and business development skills gained through decades of experience building and managing multi-disciplinary teams. In his career he has helped clients with digital enablement & transformation, business process improvement, product development, IT portfolio management, enterprise architecture, data strategy, system development & integration, IT governance, M&A, outsourcing strategy, global infrastructure operations, and crisis management.

Professional Background

Alex began his career as an engineer and architect before turning to consulting with New Vantage Partners, Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, and then McKinsey. He has worked for clients across multiple industries, with depth of expertise in financial services, healthcare, transportation, and energy.


Alex has a BSEE in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University.


When not consulting, Alex enjoys DIY projects around the house, real estate development, and hiking in the mountains. Alex’s mantra is “Do the right thing and do it right!”

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