Daniel Eckert

Technology Innovation Leader
Daniel Eckert


Daniel has more than 25 years as a technology/innovation leader with experience spanning hardware, firmware, and software development. His deep understanding of how technology impacts the employee experience is supported by years deploying the foundational technical frameworks, integration architectures, and services necessary to enable emerging technologies to create business value. His broad industry experiences enable him to lift ideas from one industry and apply them to another in unique and creative ways. Daniel is an expert in mobile device technology, spatial computing (AR/VR), mobile application development, context aware computing, cognitive intelligence, IoT, location-based services, digital wallets, and mobile payments. He has deep experience with content management design, implementation, and delivery (document, fragment, and dynamic creation) including web solutions that serve millions of unique users monthly. And he brings extensive experience developing and deploying new technology into non-technical environments. Daniel is able to wear many hats and excels at solving problems in cost-effective ways.

Professional Background

Prior, Daniel was a Managing Director at Accenture where he led their global immersive worker/spatial computing  practice. He was also a Managing Director at PwC where he led their emerging technology group for more than 8 years. He’s worked at other organizations throughout his career as a solution and enterprise architect.


Daniel attended DePaul University majoring in Enterprise Architecture, and he is a licensed Journeyman Computer/Automation Engineer from the FAA.


Daniel has refereed more than 5000 soccer games and holds his USSF Class B and Advanced National Soccer Coaching licenses, which he uses to lead young men to new levels of success.

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