David Durant

Go-to-Market Delivery Consultant
David Durant


David has over 20 years of experience driving top and bottom-line financial results by clarifying business challenges, managing cross-functional teams, finding solutions to unmet customer needs, and optimizing decisions with data analytics across industries from financial services to consumer discretionary. A “0-1” specialist, David excels at developing and executing innovative strategies and products for businesses venturing into new territory. From launching products in emerging industries to leveraging advances like AI to streamline operations, these initiatives require innovative approaches. David is adept at delivering on these demands with clarity, precision, and speed.

Professional Background

David was the Senior Director of Strategy and Product for Cybeta, a cybersecurity company. Before joining Cybeta, he worked as a Management Consultant in Strategy teams for PwC, Capgemini, Liberty Advisor Group, and in the M&A valuation group of Duff & Phelps (now Kroll). During this time, David founded two startups and developed two others after joining.


David holds an MBA (Strategy) from Emory University and a B.S. (finance) from the University of Florida. David is a CFA Level 3 candidate with Udacity Nanodegrees in Product Management, Agile Software Development, and Business Analysts.


After backpacking worldwide for a year, David started and later sold a FinTech SaaS platform called WikiWealth that combined his lifelong passions for value investing and technology.

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