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Michaux Raine

Technology Executive
Michaux Riane


Michaux offers 30+ years’ experience across technology and operations, helping build and lead large organizations through transformational and enterprise-impacting efforts. As an experienced senior executive for Fortune 500 companies, Michaux has defined strategies for technology, data, and operations and driven large, complex programs. He has successfully navigated ever-changing business and financial priorities across his domains and on behalf of both customers and clients.

Professional Background

Prior, Michaux has served in CXO roles across multiple Fortune 500 organizations, including Capital One, Dell, USAA, JP Morgan Chase and Cigna. Michaux started his career as a physicist in the defense industry and also held roles in several consulting firms (Accenture, KPMG).


Michaux holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Hampden-Sydney College and an MBA from the College of William and Mary.


Michaux’s first professional pursuit was in High School as a boxer. After 10 fights and 9 losses by knockout, Michaux wisely decided college offered a much more reasonable, and safer, path.

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