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Rick Barto

Insurance Leader
Rick Barto


Rick is a global business and operations professional skilled in driving innovation and strategic transformation, reinforced through change management, technology enablement & innovation, and business/market intelligence across corporate functions. He has 25+ years of experience working extensively in the financial services industry, including insurance and investment banking. Rick excels at co-creating value-driven initiatives with clients, and then structuring and managing the journey to successfully deliver defined impact through the transformation of process, people and technology.

Professional Background

Prior, Rick was a managing director at Accenture, responsible for managing and growing the Northeast insurance portfolio. Before Accenture, he was a partner at PwC, where he led the insurance practice in both the US and Southeast Asia/China, and at Diamond Management and Technology Consultants where he worked across the financial services sector.


Rick holds a B.S. in Industrial Marketing, and minors in Communications and Economics, from Clarkson University.


Rick is an outdoor enthusiast for all seasons, enjoying camping, hiking, mountain biking and skiing with his wife and 3 sons. When he is not in his home state of NH just North of Boston, he loves to travel with his family.

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