Rohit Srivastava

Rohit Srivastava


Rohit brings over 20 years of business and technology consulting experience with an emphasis in digital transformation, complex delivery management and business process re-engineering.  He has a proven track record of developing and delivering critical programs across a variety of industries, including M&A, Financial Services, Insurance, and Media & Entertainment.

Professional Background

Prior to this, Rohit worked at Liberty Advisor Group, a boutique consulting firm where he focused on delivery transformation, customer experience and product management.  He previously spent several years at Accenture within their Technology Business unit, where his expertise was in driving growth through improved technology delivery for his clients.


Rohit holds both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology from the George Washington University in Washington DC.


In addition to an unhealthy knowledge of movie and TV trivia, Rohit is obsessed with the Irish band U2, having seen them live 25 times across the globe – and can’t wait to increase that tally.

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