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Tony Belilovskiy

Customer Strategist
Tony Belilovskiy


Tony is an expert at crafting customer-focused strategies and then applying them to deliver multimillion-dollar operational improvements for businesses. He is a champion of voice-of-the-customer work and demonstrating how VOC insights can improve a company’s bottom line. Tony’s consulting experience includes leadership, culture change, project management, process analysis, strategic planning, data analysis, and professional education, with a concentration in the healthcare and technology industries.

Professional Background

Tony has held leadership positions across the healthcare industry, including UnitedHealth Group and various hospitals and practices. He has run his own consulting firm, C3 Excellence, and is a frequent keynote speaker at events.


Tony holds both Bachelors in Cardiopulmonary Sciences and Masters in Healthcare Management and Administration from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. He also has an Associates Degree in Metallurgy from Odessa Polytechnic Institute in Odessa, Ukraine.


Tony is an accomplished classical pianist and enjoys spending time with his wife of over 25 years and 3 daughters.

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