Vanessa Rudin

CX & Product Leader
Vanessa Rudin


Vanessa is a resourceful and highly analytical product leader who thrives on solving problems and optimizing systems across disciplines and teams. She is adept at gathering and analyzing context and multiple perspectives to inform design, using stakeholder and secondary research, customer personas, and journey mapping. With a technical background in database design, expertise in process improvement and program evaluation, and a penchant for logic models, Vanessa brings structural rigor to project teams of all sizes.

Professional Background

Prior, Vanessa led product and customer success at Mymee, a digital therapeutics company. Before that, as Senior Program Director at Primary Care Development Corporation, she provided management consulting and implementation services to large healthcare networks. Vanessa began her career in database design at cutting edge technology companies such as Hewlett Packard Laboratories, BBN Technologies, and Jet Propulsion Laboratories.


Vanessa holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon, Eugene.


Vanessa is well-traveled, including a summer writing a coastal management plan for the island of Kosrae in Micronesia and several weeks traveling in Bangladesh to study the Grameen Bank.  She loves salsa, swing, and ballroom dancing and studied Argentinian tango pre-COVID.

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