We deliver success, faster.

We are experts and trusted advisors, bringing decades of experience to our client engagements, along with a bias toward both action and results.

Our proven service offerings and solutions lend structure to our projects, but they come with a high level of flexibility to adjust to ever-changing needs. 

From strategy to reality® our teams deliver.

Assessment & Recommendation

Whether our clients’ challenges are strategic, operational, or technical, we bring objective, unbiased, and industry-informed perspectives to analyze, identify, and address their toughest challenges.
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We give CIOs, CDOs, and other tech leaders fresh, expert perspectives and an objective baseline for their current IT environment. 6-8 weeks

When large programs are failing, our diagnostic gets to the root causes quickly and offers pragmatic ways to turn things around. 4-6 weeks

We help product and marketing leaders understand their customers better through data-driven analytics, segmentation, channel analysis, and more. 3-6 weeks

We are experts in analyzing competitor offerings (products, services, capabilities), industry trends & best practices, and marketplace insights. We leverage our unique mix of research assets to assess what’s right for our clients. 5-6 weeks

Whether M&A target scans or full-on due diligence, we provide an expert-informed, 3rd party perspective. 3-6 weeks

We bring unbiased analysis to vendor selection and can manage the RFP process from start to decision. 6-12 weeks

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North Star Strategy

Our clients have bold ideas and aspirations. We help crystallize that thinking into a defined vision, structured objectives, and pragmatic roadmaps that build off existing assets and processes that work while leapfrogging those that don’t.
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We are experts in establishing a vision and set of goals that align business & tech with customer behaviors, motivations, and aspirations. 2-4 weeks

CIOs turn to us to craft strategies and pragmatic plans for achieving the vision and priorities of their business partners. 4-8 weeks

We partner to accelerate transformation towards a thriving digital service culture and world-class customer experience. 8-10 weeks

We work with CDOs to establish priorities and plans of action for meeting business, customer, and regulatory data needs. 6-8 weeks

Chief Architects partner with us to ensure the architecture practice is evolving in harmony with agile and making a business impact. 5-8 weeks

We collaborate with Product executives to de-clutter the product landscape and improve positioning to maximize sales growth. 3-6 weeks

Go-to-Market Acceleration

From concept through launch, we advise on constructs, craft go-to-market plans, and mobilize cross-functional teams to bring new products & capabilities to customers, helping accelerate returns on investment.
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We help companies understand and then influence how their customers (or colleagues!) interact throughout their lifecycle. 4-6 weeks

Companies partner with us to facilitate multi-day GTM planning workshops to kick off new product or capability launches. 2-4 weeks

Working across global sales organizations to assemble product playbooks that capitalize on best practices and streamline operations. 4-8 weeks

Beyond Playbooks, we work with Marketing, Sales, and Account Management teams to create seamless processes and operations that enable sales penetration and growth. 8-12 weeks 

Objectives and Key Results are the new currency in performance measurement, and our workshops help educate and establish baselines. 2-4 weeks

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Leadership & Execution

We provide the experience, leadership, and ability to orchestrate teams and talents in a way that successfully delivers on business objectives for critical programs and in key interim management roles for our clients.
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Sometimes a major effort needs a proper kick-start. We will define and then install all the appropriate structures, management processes, and cadences that set up any program for success. 2-4 months

Larger, transformational programs require a different playbook. Our specialists augment teams with the experience and know-how to deliver. 3-24 months

Many of our advisors are former CxOs and industry executives who are ideal candidates for interim Director, VP, or MD roles at clients for critical positions that are temporarily vacant. 2-12 months

There’s no one-size-fits-all agile transformation solution. We tailor our DT services to meet our client’s specific objectives and needs. 3-6 months

From cloud strategy to cloud migration, we consult and then execute on transformational plans to keep companies ahead of the technology curve. 3-12 months

Change is always happening – are your employees ready to adapt? We offer rapid “change readiness” assessments and full change strategy & execution services. 3 weeks to multiple months

We create a well-defined integration plan that highlights your main growth levers and prioritizes
them in the plan, with clear documentation of where the real value of the integration can be achieved quickly. 6-18 months

When companies need extra engineering capacity, our onshore and offshore partners deliver quickly, offering scale at short notice. 3-12 months

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